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IHU Solutions Company began in 1999 as a web design and hosting company. While that continues to be an integral part of our company we have broadened our mission to become a complete internet, entertainment and communications company. We still design and host a large number of sites for our clients. In addition we provide communication, information and public relations services. We developed IHU Communications to operate a variety of free public sites to provide a wide range of informational needs from sports and events to news and general blog sites. We created JHZ PR and JHZ Promotions Group to be able to fulfill our clients internet PR and promotion needs. We are able to establish your web presence thru fan sites as well as create and manage Myspace, Facebook and other social network pages. And in 2008 we joined forces with a couple of our clients, The Law Offices of William D. Bonilla, P.C. and the 83 Madison PR Firm, to form an entertainment management partnership called EPM West Talent Management.  If you need assistance is creating or re-designing your internet presence contact us to see how we can transform your site and increase your business or personal exposure on the internet.


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